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Isabelle  Ward 
Generation:  8

Father:   Moses Ward
Mother:   Deana Caneva

  Evan Ward
  Quinn Maurice Ward
Residence:  Lead, South Dakota, United States

Caneva Lineage for Isabelle Ward

Generation Relationship Name Year of Birth Year of Death
7MotherDeana Caneva1971 
6GrandfatherFrancis Dean Caneva1938 
5Great-GrandfatherAldo Carlo Caneva19101965
4Great-Great-GrandfatherOreste Luciano Caneva18831967
3Great-Great-Great-GrandfatherGiovanni Battista Caneva18541943
2Great-Great-Great-Great-GrandfatherAntonio Caneva18261908
1Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-GrandfatherGiovanni Battista Caneva  

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