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Happy Birthday to the Canevas who were born this month!! Listed from youngest to oldest, they are:
Generation Name Birthday Birth Year Age This Year
9Christian Benedetti18 September198137
8Collin Caneva27 September197444
7Carlotta Toniolo Davis8 September196652
8Christopher Leon Caneva (Chris)27 September196157
7Diane Marie Caneva Massa20 September196058
8Mario Benedetti9 September195662
7Jon Giovanni Caneva24 September195365
6Mario Caneva4 September194177
6Rina Catherine Zorzi Fougneis20 September192791
6Ida Zorzi Pastore (Edie)23 September192494
6Olga Caneva14 September192098
6Giovanni Battista Caneva (Giovanin)1 September1912106
6Domenica Caneva Dalle Laste (Calista)5 September1908110
6Giovanni Battista Caneva16 September1904114
5Maria Caneva Zorzi8 September1892126
5Ines Giulia Caneva14 September1889129
4Giacinto Valentino Caneva14 September1857161
3Antonio Emilio Caneva11 September1826192

Click here for an annual list of Caneva birthdays

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