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Happy Birthday to the Canevas who were born this month!! Listed from youngest to oldest, they are:
Generation Name Birthday Birth Year Age This Year
9Kristen Elizabeth Dickey1 July200315
9Seth Michael Trent21 July200216
9Joshua Daniel Caneva25 July200018
9Connor Dean Caneva2 July199721
8Christine Diane Caneva7 July199127
9Adam Agustin Perez27 July198830
8Gina Caneva24 July198137
7Emma Caneva31 July197840
7Pietro Toniolo8 July197840
8Renee Caneva29 July197642
8Carrie Ann DeSanto Graham26 July196949
8Amy Elizabeth Caneva12 July196454
7Carlo Toniolo18 July196256
7Roberta Caneva7 July195365
7Ronald Lewis Caneva (Ron)11 July194870
6Giovanni Costa (Nino)5 July192098
6Duilio Caneva3 July1913105
6Rina Costa30 July1912106

Click here for an annual list of Caneva birthdays

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