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Map of Italy with the Veneto region highlighted. Welcome to - the "official" Caneva family genealogy website! While the family name appears to have originated in or near the town of Recoaro in the Veneto region of northeastern Italy, Caneva family members have emigrated to the United States, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, and Columbia during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. While we're all Italian by blood and heritage, the flags displayed above also reflect the adopted nationalities of some of the members of our family. Our family database currently contains eight generations of Canevas - born from the late 18th century through the present - and includes Canevas in four countries.

This site has been created by American Canevas, and while much of the data and information currently focuses on Canevas in the United States, this is only because these are the Canevas about whom we have information. We have included non-US Canevas when their information is available, and invite any Canevas that aren't currently included to send their personal data, stories, photos, and where they fit in the family tree. To do so, click the 'Email the Webwench' link located at the bottom of every page and send a note. We also welcome any comments, suggestions, or corrections to the site you'd like to share. While every attempt has been made to present accurate data, memories are faulty, historic documents get lost, handwritten notes are difficult to read. So please feel free to point out any information you believe to be incorrect.
Giovanni Batista Caneva (1854-1945) & wife Domenica Lobbia Caneva (1857-1936)
Use the links at left or at the bottom of each page to explore the site. The 'History' page provides information about the Caneva family name and origins in northeastern Italy. The 'Emigration' link contains the chronology of Caneva family member emigrations to the United States, while 'Family Tree' allows you to view and print a graphical representation of the Caneva family lines. Using the 'Relationships' link, you can select two Canevas and find out how they're related to each other. 'Profiles' feature more detailed information about individual family members. By selecting from a list of all Canevas in the database, you can view a personal profile of that Caneva.

The town of Asiago Our 'Photo Gallery' offers a collection of family member pictures, including many of members of our early generations. Any photos you're willing to share for this page would be greatly appreciated! 'Birthdays' is another new feature that will give you a list of the Canevas that have a birthday this month - just in case you're interested! The 'News' page provides a forum for family members to share their interesting or newsworthy events, while the 'Announcements' page is where you can find genealogical news such as births, deaths, weddings, etc., and the 'Links' page includes links to websites that Canevas might find interesting and/or entertaining.

Construction of an Italian-language version of the site is in progess. We would also like to create a Spanish version, so if anyone reading this has the ability, time, and willingness to translate the site text into that language, please send a note to the Webmaster!

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