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Alessandra  Finco 
Generation:  8

Date of Birth:  20 January 1981
Place of Birth:   Italy

Father:   Sergio Finco
Mother:   Roberta Caneva

  Giovanni Finco
Residence:  Italy

Caneva Lineage for Alessandra Finco

Generation Relationship Name Year of Birth Year of Death
7MotherRoberta Caneva1953 
6GrandfatherUmberto Attillio Caneva19301997
5Great-GrandfatherAntonio Caneva18811972
4Great-Great-GrandfatherGiovanni Battista Caneva18541943
3Great-Great-Great-GrandfatherAntonio Emilio Caneva18261908
2Great-Great-Great-Great-GrandfatherGiovanni Battista Caneva  
1Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-GrandfatherGiacomo Caneva  

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