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Family Tree - US Western Branch

Below is the family tree of the US Western Branch Canevas. Family members who emigrated to the United States are indicated in bold face. These include three sons of Giovanni Battista Carlo Caneva of Recoaro - Guiseppe (Joe), Emilio (Emil), and Michele (Michael), and their first cousins Domenico and Guiseppe Caneva - the sons of Pietro Caneva. Pietro had initially emigrated with his two sons, but after a trip to Italy was denied entry on his return to the United States.

The full family tree (as known) of this branch is presented here as these Canevas currently are not included in the database.

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Generation 2 Generation 3 Generation 4 Generation 5 Generation 6 Generation 7
Giovanni Battista Carlo Caneva (Carlo)
B 1853, Recoaro

   Maria Casoblini (Mary)
   B Toro, Italy
Giuseppe Caneva (Joe)
B 1886, Recoaro
  Emilio Caneva (Emil)
B 1891, Recoaro
D 1983, Montana

   Elizabeth Trettenero (Lizzy)
   B 1902, Missouri
   D 1997, Montana
Edith Susan Caneva
B 1923, Colorado

   Joseph Mitchelletto
    Baby Boy Caneva (stillborn)
B Colorado
    Robert Caneva
B Montana
D 1964
    Eilene Caneva
B Montana

   Ralph Stanford
  Michele Luigi Caneva (Michael Louis)
B 1895, Recoaro
D 1957, Colorado

   Nellie Mary Trettenero
   B 1899, Missouri
   D 1997, Colorado
Theresa Mary Caneva
B 1918, Colorado

   Leroy Gabriel Reagan
Patricia Reagan
B Colorado

   John Church
Brittany Church
B England

   Jim Blanton
Patricia Gabriel Blanton
    Margaret Alvira Caneva
B 1920, Colorado
D 1965

   James William Kammerer
   B 1905
   D 1987, Kansas
    Raymond Reynalds Caneva (Ray)
(born Ramo Ido Caneva)
B 1923, Colorado

   Sadie May Northrup
   B 1929, Colorado
   D 1994, Arizona
Michael John Caneva
B 1947, Colorado
D 1956, Wyoming
      Randi Ray Caneva
B 1950, Nebraska

   Eileen Hazel Joseph
Christine Nichole Caneva
B 1970, Colorado

   Steven Harold Hadeen
Kimber Christine Hadeen
B 1992, Colorado
          Elizabeth Nichole Hadeen
B 1994, Colorado
          Meg Ann Hadeen
B 1992, Colorado
        Gail Elizabeth Caneva
B 1972, Nebraska
        Travis William Caneva
B 1975, Nebraska
         Melody ???    
      Johnnie Ray Caneva
B 1952, Wyoming

   Tonia Lynn Coffin
Michael Louis Caneva
B 1976, Colorado
        Angela Lynn Caneva
B 1981, Nebraska
      Mina Jo Caneva
B 1954

   Michael Lee Turner
Tracy Lee Turner
B 1974, Nebraska

   Lelia Shea Leanord
Kaleb Chase Turner
B 2004, Alabama
        John Michael Turner
B 1977, Colorado

   Kristina Ann Gartman
Jacob Lee Turner
B 2001, Alabama
      RoKaye Diane Caneva
B 1959, Nebraska

   David Allen Bahr
Courtney Ann Bahr
B 1983, Colorado
        Jennifer Lynn Bahr
B 1984, Colorado
        Mathew David Bahr
B 1985, Colorado
        Robert David Bahr
B 1988, Arizona
      Michelle Louise Caneva
B 1961, Nebraska

   Sterling Otis Snyder
Chelsea Rae Snyder
B 1987, Tennessee
        Sean Owen Snyder
B 1990, Colorado
         Dan Hart    
       Clara Drygas
   B 1931
    Eugene Lee Caneva (John)
B 1925, Colorado
D 2002

   Bonnie Jean Scott
   B 1930, Kansas
Terri Denise Caneva (Denise)
B 1955, Colorado

   Dennis Biggane
Patricia Gabriel Biggane
B Texas
        Annissaa Biggane  
      Marc Scott Caneva
B 1957, Colorado
  Teresa Caneva

  Mariana Caneva

   ??? Branco
  Antonio Caneva        
  Caterina Caneva (Catherine)

   ??? Sbabo
Pietro Caneva
B 1859, Recoaro
Domenico Caneva
B 1883, Recoaro
  Giuseppe Caneva (Joe)
B 1890, Recoaro

   Maria Teresa Asnicar (Lena)
   B Kansas
Henry Riner Caneva
B 1921, Recoaro
D 1997, Florida

   Delphine Silva
   B 1949, California
Jeffery Joseph Caneva
   B 1955, California

   Susan Elaine ???
    Waldo Roger Caneva
B 1926, Recoaro
D 1961

   Edith Ann Peasley
   B California
Pamela Ann Caneva
B 1952, California
      Sherri Lee Caneva
B 1954, California

   ??? Barrios
    Josephine Caneva
B 1941, Wyoming

   John Marchelletta
George Edward Marchelletta
B 1968, Massachusetts
      John Joseph Marchelletta
B 1971, Massachusetts
  Rosa Caneva (Rina)
B 1912, Recoaro

   Carl Tarantola
Carl Anthony Tarantola
B 1950, Wyoming
    Barbara Carlene Tarantola
B 1955, Wyoming

   Tom Buchanan
Amy Elizabeth Buchanan
B 1982, Wyoming
      Kelly Renae Buchanan
B 1990, Wyoming

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