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Recoaro Terme

Recoaro Town Crest Recoaro, with a population of about 7500, is located in the province of Vicenza and lies approximately 42 kilometers northwest of the city of Vicenza. It is a well-known spa and sport destination that has been a center for relaxing and therapeutic holidays from the time of the 岥nissima⥰ublic of Venice. In 1689 Count Lelio Piovene first publicized the benefits of the mineral waters from the local springs, and since 1700 the spa complex, set just outside the town center in an age-old 60-acre park of woods and gardens, has welcomed those in search of cures. Other mineral water springs a few minutes' walk from town complete the rich hydrothermal wealth of Recoaro. Recoaro

The curative powers of the local waters are believed to be of particular value for treating problems of the digestive tract and of the urinary system, problems due to iron deficiencies, and liver conditions. Three kinds of water are available: ferrous-earthy-alkaline-sulphate-bicarbonate, oligomineral, and ferrous-alkaline-bicarbonate. The springs provide various types of hydrotherapeutic treatment, including waters with a low mineral content, irrigation, inhalation and mud baths. During the 1800s the town became a preferred summer destination for the celebrities and aristocracy of the time - among them Giuseppe Verdi, Nietzsche, Giacomo Zanella, Radetzscky, Lamarmora, Mayerbeer, Ponchielli, many members of the imperial house of the Hapsburgs, and the Queen of Italy, Margherita di Savoie. Recoaro train station

Around 1920 bottling of the local mineral waters began under the brand name "Recoaro" (Chinotto, Gingerino, Shining Water, etc). This bottling operation still is a major contributor to the local economy.

The 鴴le Dolomite�ntains of Recoaro provide a spectacular panorama in both summer and winter. The skiing center at Recoaro Mille, with which the town is connected via a modern and fast cableway, is an important center for winter holidays, offering both alpine and Nordic skiing. The resort extends over a large area with a base at 1000 meters, and offers slopes for both the novice and experienced skier. In the summer months the sport of hang-gliding has a good following at Recoaro, and novices can learn their technique under the guidance of a nationally designated instructor. Alpine hiking, mountain biking, and rock climbing �?available in many different degrees of difficulty - are also popular summer activities. Recoaro

Beyond Recoaro are numerous points of interest including the thermal plant (1875) and the Tonello or Margherita of the Springs cottage (1865), two works by architect Antonio Caregaro Negrin; the neoclassical Municipal Palace, constructed in 1849 by Luigi dalla Vecchia and containing in the entrance hall a 15th century fresco of the Lion of Saint Mark; the modern church in the central plaza featuring the work of Giuseppe Vaccaro (1950), with a Via Crucis of Luciano Minguzzi and a valuable mosaic by Cadorin; the new historical museum dedicated to the life of soldiers in the Great War; and the public Fortuna Park.

Mountain Biking Vital Statistics

Population: 7500
Region: Veneto
Province code: VI
Zip code: 36076
Phone area code: 0445
Distance from Vicenza: 42 Kilometers (26 Miles)
Elevation: 792 meters (2598 feet)
Patron Saint: St Anthony

"As far as landscape is concerned, Recoaro is one of my most beautiful experiences. I literally chased after its beauty, and expended a great deal of energy and enthusiasm on it. The beauty of nature, like every other kind of beauty, is quite jealous; it demands that one serve it alone."

Letter from Nietzsche to Heinrich Koselitz, June 23, 1881

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