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Emigration to the United States - Midwestern Branch Ship and Passenger Information

Following are the ships and passenger information for the Canevas of the Giovanni Battista ancestral line who settled in the Midwestern portion of the United States.

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The Philadelphia   Passenger:   Oreste Luciano Caneva - age 26, married
  Hometown:   Asiago, Italy
  Date of Arrival:   7 February 1909
  Port of Departure:   Cherbourg, Manche, France
  Destination:   Hurley, Wisconsin, then Clinton, Indiana

The Chicago   Passengers:   Appolonia Di Carlo Stefani Caneva - age 28, married
     Oreste Giovanni Battista Stefani Caneva (Ernest O. Caneva) - age 18 months
  Hometown:   Asiago, Italy
  Date of Arrival:   1 June 1909
  Port of Departure:   Le Havre, Seine-Inferior, France
  Destination:   Bessemer, Michigan, then Clinton, Indiana

The Pesaro   Passenger:   Oreste Luciano Caneva - age 36, widowed
  Hometown:   Asiago, Italy
  Date of Arrival:   17 September 1919
  Port of Departure:   Genoa, Liguria, Italy
  Destination:   Michigan

La Savoie   Passengers:   Ines Caneva Ave - age 29, married
     Maria Caneva (Zorzi) - age 28, single
     Umberto Caneva - age 26, married
     Rosina Berna Caneva - age 21, married
     Rina Ave (Shabel) - age 10
     Antonio Ave - age 5
     Cristina Ave - age 4
     Maria Ave - age 2
     Gianina Caneva - age 2 months
  Hometown:   Asiago, Italy
  Date of Arrival:   27 September 1920
  Port of Departure:   Le Havre, Seine-Inferior, France
  Destination:   Bessemer, Michigan

The Dante Alighieri   Passengers:   Oreste Luciano Caneva - age 40, married
     Oreste Giovanni Battista Caneva (Ernest O. Caneva) - age 15
     Aldo Carlo Caneva (Carl) - age 13
     Rinaldo Caneva - age 9
     Marina Caneva - age 9
     Clara Caneva (Ventura) - age 8
     Lina Caneva (Teresa or "Zina," stepdaughter) - age 6
  Hometown:   Asiago, Italy
  Date of Arrival:   1 December 1923
  Port of Departure:   Genoa, Liguria, Italy
  Destination:   Chicago, Illinois, then Lockport, Illinois

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